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More About Luke's

The Klein family moved to Temecula in 1979 to raise their two kids, Ryan and Kelly. Both Ryan and Kelly have watched Temecula grow their entire lives. Ryan has spent the last 10 years in corporate sales and his sister Kelly has spent 20 years in the restaurants' industry, where she met her husband Chris Cusack. Chris has been in the restaurant industry for over 25 years. Chris and Kelly married and had a family, stayed to raise their kids in beautiful Temecula Valley. They had their first son in December of 2008, Luke, who died suddenly after birth. Thus Luke’s was born.

Ryan decided to do something different and wanted to be back in Temecula with his family. He became the driving force to the opening of Luke’s on Front with his sister and brother-in-law Chris. This was an entire family project. Mom, Dad, son, daughter, son-in-law and second child Finn. Their heart and soul went into every inch of this amazing rooftop restaurant and bar.

Luke’s was to be a memory to honor such a beautiful baby, along with wonderful friends that helped us along the way.

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